All For You
Charity Wonderland & Lottery Superartyear 2017 has passed away. We collected the best merchandise from all the Must-See-Exhibitions including: Documenta Kassel & Athen, Biennale de la arte, Skulptur Projekte Münster, LudwigForum Aachen, the EWA-Award & of course Einblick Ausblick Kiel. In honor of all that great events we spend an evening full of pleasure together. We invited all of our dearest friends to our special Charity Wonderland. Every visitor came to enjoy the athmosphere, have a hot drink, buy a lotteryticket or win some at the amazing games. To be honest : They came to win the Merch.
The proceeds *122,67 €* shall be donated to the Documenta Gmbh, due to their financal problems. Athens is a fantastic city to support. Documenta please don't stop.
Due to some action like this can't be done without a little help from your friends. Large, Large Thanks and Kisses to: Esteban Perez for the graphics, videos & every minute spend in front of computers together Thies Warnke for Moderation and Collecting Malin Müller, Linn Pirr, Helena Hintz, Max Griesche, Kalle Spielvogel & Jarek Zimmermann And even art was donated for the buffet, thank for the sweetest sugary DominostoneGraffittiWall by Ina Gajewski, Regine Schulz & Malin Hain. Find their Websites linked in my Friendssection! Thank u xoxo